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Coppicing in Hadleigh Great wood

Essex Wildlife Trust is working in partnership with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council to improve the Belfairs Park area of Essex. This project is called 'The Hadleigh and Daws HeathLiving Landscape'.


The project is seeing the conservation management of the area improved along with providing fantastic visitor opportunities for school parties, families and the local community along with visitors from further afield.  This includes a new Woodland Centre at the heart of the landscape that will be available for the whole community to enjoy.


The project has a number of tangible outcomes including:

  • Education activities will enable schools to develop their outdoor education programme and provide children with access to nature

  • Interpretation will tell the different “stories” about the natural, cultural and community heritage of the landscape

  • A sustainable transport hub will enable people to consider alternative methods of travel and understand their impact on the environment


Belfairs Park and Nature Reserve is an invaluable site for ancient woodland biodiversity conservation not only in South-east Essex, but also in the UK.

It has been classified as an 'ancient semi-natural woodland' and declared a Local Nature Reserve in 1981.In1985 the sitewas declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Natural England cites the reserve as one of the "largest and best examples of ancient woodland in South Essex and the last known stronghold of the rare Heath Fritillary butterfly".

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