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The MaxiGreen project within The province of West-Flanders is looking at two areas: Raversijde and the West-Flemish heart. These regions differ strongly from each other, but still they face the same issues.


Raversijde, near Ostends has been part of the province since 1988. The majority of the area is the former royal estate of King Leopold II. In 1914 German troops turned it in to a coastal battery. These two uses have had a huge influence on the landscape and fortunately they are well preserved. Nearby is Walraversijde, a 15th century fishermen village.


Despite these strong assets, Raversijde is not very known by the local community. The MaxiGreen project aims to change that by developing a master plan that will se the area revitalised and promoted. This will include:

  • Nature works

  • Accessibility improvements

  • The restauration and installation of teasers which will be placed outside the area to attract visitors

  • The creation of a communications plan to market the area.


The second area is the West-Flemish heart. This sits at the very centre of the province and is a densly populated area. It is a highly industrial area and in recent years a number of areas have been abandoned. These include rail tracks, industrialo buildings and gardens. A number of these buildings are now being looked aftter by local authorities. This project aims to care for a number of the other disused areas. Nine communities are working together to improve the area, specifically looking at the quality of the landscape, nature and recreational areas.


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West-vlaanderen website

Project website

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