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Water Square Benthemplein, an innovative solution for water storage in the city

This project will see the world's first water square created at Benthemsquare. The project was first contextualised seven years ago and in 2012 the design was signed off and sees the square being used as a recreational area during dry periods and as water store during the rainy months.


A number of different parties and groups have been involved with the project. The group have worked jointly to conceive the ideas. The group includes:

  • Students and teachers of the Zadkine college and the Graphic Lyceum

  • Members of the adjacent church

  • The local youth theatre

  • The David Lloyd gym

  • Residents of the Agniese neighbourhood.

They all took part in three workshops that covered possible uses, desired outcomes and how storm water can influence the square. All agreed: the water square should be a dynamic place for young people, lots of space for play and relaxing.


How the Water Square will Work




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