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Fermes des Aigrettes

This project is seeing a disused farm and the surrounding area transformed into a range of resources for the local community and visitors.

The site, on the outskirts of Marck in France, has a rich local history and heritage and the project aims to ensure that is not lost through the site’s redevelopment.

The site will become home to a range of buildings and opportunities such as:

An exhibition room used for:

  • Quarterly exhibitions

  • Thematic Conference bi- monthly

  • Screenings and training

  • Workshop room for modular schools

  • Permanent exhibition on renewable energy and eco-materials that were used in the construction of the site

A stable that will house:

  • Show small animals backyard

  • Highlight local breeds

A tavern offering:

  • traditional afternoon tea and evening meals that ensure local produce if used

  • A comfortable venue for family gatherings

Along with a number of other attractions and draws for visitors such as:

  • A terrage area

  • A garden

  • Observatory for watching wildlife

  • A barn

  • Stables

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