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Hadleigh Castle

The South Essex Marshes are expansive landscapes with a real sense of wilderness despite being in one of the most densely populated parts of the Essex region.  It is a dynamic landscape of grazing marsh, creeks and salt marsh with farmland and settlements on the higher ground that has continuously evolved over millennia, shaped by natural and human actions.


The Marshes provide internationally important nature conservation areas and heritage sites, with the vision of unifying the South Essex Marshes areas and a single destination.  They stretch from Tilbury in the West to Leigh in the East, with numerous gateways such as the local rail network enable visitors to access to enjoy the heritage and natural greenspaces the marshes has to offer.


The vision has three key aims:


  • Preparing a Vision for the whole of South Essex highlighting the main Green Heritage sites and their relationship to the train line and the Thames Estuary Path.

  • Raising awareness and promoting the South Essex Marshes through the development of the Thames Estuary Path maps, signage and mobile applications to orientate and inform visitors to the various gateways and green heritage attractions.

  • Implementation of a Gateway Plan whereby the local train stations will provide access to the Green Heritage via poster, signage and promotions.


The team looking after this project aim for the area to be recognised as an area which has much to offer the visitor including marshes, mudflats, castles, forts, visitor centres and country parks and that these are all connected by the Thames Estuary Footpath and the C2C trainline.


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