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MaxiGreen is an EU Interreg programme which is working to address common issues affecting a number of areas across Europe’s green spaces and heritage areas relating to:

  • poor access

  • an industrialised landscape

  • a degraded landscape

  • negative images.

The programme focuses on a number of areas close to the Two Seas (North Sea and English Channel) and brings together groups and organisations to collectively tackle the above mentioned issues by turning negative issues into positive features.

All the areas affected have experienced industrial or urban decline leading to disused sites, which nature has reclaimed creating habitats that are exceptional for biodiversity. In addition, the vacated space, the variety of habitats and the differing features, such as old railway lines, canals and flooded mineral pits, have the ability to create multifunctional and connected parks, providing multiple benefits. This multi-historical green infrastructure is referred to as Green Heritage.

This INTERREG IVA 2 Seas Programme promotes cross border cooperation between the regions of four Member States: France (Nord-Pas de Calais), England (the South West, the South East and Eastern England), Belgium (Flanders) and The Netherlands (South coastal area) and has three priority themes as well as a common priority with the France (Channel) – England INTERREG IVA Programme.
Priority 1: Creating an economically competitive, attractive and accessible area
Priority 2: Promoting and enhancing a safe and healthy environment
Priority 3: Improving quality of life

The MaxiGreen programme aims to address Priority 3: Improving Quality of Life

Two types of projects are supported with the programme:

  • Regular Cross border Cooperation projects that bring together partners from different countries in the Programme area who wish to develop or solve a shared cross-border issue in line with the objectives of the Programme priorities.

  • Strategic projects that are approved and identified by the Programme Authorities and seen as essential in achieving the Programme Objectives.

MaxiGreen is a regular cross border cooperation project and may be considered as a strategic project.

Seven partners are directly involved in delivery this programme. They are:

  • Essex County Council

  • Southend Borough Council

  • Town of Marck

  • Rupel Province of Antwerp

  • City of Rotterdam

  • Essex Wildlife Trust

  • Province of West-Vlaanderen

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